Tuesday, April 30, 2013

So easily distracted...

As some of you may have read before I have an unbelievable amount of stash, definitely enough for a few lifetimes. And, lately, it seems I'm just getting distracted from my current projects by nice little designs I come across in the stash.  Oh, if only there were enough hours in the day to do it all... What do you think?  Is this because my current projects are not really stimulating?  Or am I just suffering from chronic over-stimulation by too much stash?  Hmmm.  New rule, no looking at any other projects until I finish at least a bit of what I have in progress!

So, a stitching update.  You can probably guess what the story is - still working on several items.  A couple quick pics for you all though.

Tomato - Thea Gouverneur

I just love the 32 ct fabric and stitching with one thread.  It looks so delicate.

Vervaco - Small Beach House

And this one just started (see earlier comment about distractions from my stash!).  You can't tell yet, but there's a great little beach house scene here - it just screams summer days!

Quince - Eva Rosenstand

The last of my fruit series - I can't wait to wrap up and frame all 4 of them.  I did notice that the colors on this one as directed seem to be a bit off - the brown in the center is a bit too dark I think.  I'm weighing the possibility of frogging it all out and going with the lighter brown in the middle and leaving the dark for the edges.  I just can't decide.  It may need to wait until finished so I can see how it looks altogether.  I'm a bit disappointed since the other patterns in the series didn't have any issues with the pattern/color codes.  At any rate, I'm looking forward to selecting a frame design for the four pieces and putting them on display.  It's so close I can just taste it!

Until next time...have a great week!


  1. Procrastination is my problem, thinking what to do and when to do it and getting nowhere at all! You are making great progress on them all, well done.

  2. I know that feeling of distraction only too well! Just far too much temptation out there by all those wonderful designers.

  3. Great update and progress pics. I started a Bothy Thread cut-thru SAL on my blog and all I want to work on is that one and not the other 23 in my rotation. Or to start more cut-thrus.