Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring is Finally Here!

I was so excited this weekend to see the green buds on the trees in our yard.  It's been rather a long winter for us and it's so wonderful to have 70 degree weather and some signs of spring.  Unfortunately today we're back to gray skies and drizzle, but I have faith that we're moving in the right direction.  I'm happy to say I'm getting back into my stitching again.  The brief hiatus to focus on the kids was necessary.  We had a great weekend watching my daughter at her first ice skating show.  She did a great job and I was a very proud mama watching her out there giving her all to it!  The boys enjoyed their week of school vacation and returned to school yesterday energized and ready to wrap up this year.  Only 8 1/2 weeks left!  I look forward to summer vacation as much as they do I think.

So, no stitching updates today, just a quick update on what's happening with us and a little "hooray! for spring" shout.  But I'm feeling energized and ready to get back to some spring projects.  Maybe a little sewing in there as well. Stay tuned and enjoy the signs of spring!