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Weekend Update

It was just so incredibly wonderful to have a 3 day weekend. Despite some lingering mild illness we were able to finally make some progress on a variety of projects at home, including the dreaded house-cleaning.  And on top of that I was able to continue on my stitching marathon for the month of May.

First, I did manage to get a few pieces framed and hung.  So excited to see them up on the walls finally!

Not the greatest of photos nor necessarily the best mounting job, particularly on the little ones, but it's huge progress for me so I'm very pleased.

Also, a few new finishes this weekend (bringing the May total to 9 so far!).

Fresh Watermelon (Little House Needleworks)

Ok, so it took a year to finally finish this one.  I blame it on the very soft linen and lack of a snap frame (what an unbelievable help that was when I finally broke down and purchased one this month!). I am missing the little black bird for the top of the watermelon slice, but I think it looks very cute even…

A few more finishes

Despite the busy weekend, I was able to finish a few more of the projects in my pile of nearly complete items.

Mouse King - Mill Hill Nutcracker Series

This the 3rd finish in this series for me.  I've got two more in my stash and I think I'm still missing one - the Sugar Plum Fairy.  Perhaps I need to add to my stash again...

Love Notes Ornament - Mill Hill

Another quick stitch/bead kit.  The picture doesn't really do it justice, but these are really cute little ornaments in this series.

Welcome Guests - Three Needles

And, finally, after 15 years of neglect in my pile of stash, this one is complete.  I can't wait to frame it and get it up in the guest room. Again, my photography skills leave a bit to be desired here, but you get the point.

Now to see how many more I can wrap up in May.  I've got a few more projects nearing the finish line and a long weekend coming up.

Quick Happy Dance Update

I've got my first two finishes of the month! Yay!

Flip-It May (Lizzie Kate)

Quince (Eva Rosenstand)

I'm still stitching along so there should be more to come shortly.  There's real potential for a record-setting month here.  My WIPs list is getting a little out of control so I'd like to wrap up a few more.  You know, so I can fill the pile with new projects!

Time to breathe

What a week.  Last week all the way through Mother's Day on Sunday was just pure insanity.  This time of year is always busy, but this year it feels particularly so.  I guess having three kids still at home all with their own intensive activities is finally catching up with me.  My daughter and I did have a great first camping trip with our Girl Scout troop.  Despite some rain, we had a lot of fun, even me who is most definitely not a "camp person".  I spent yesterday recovering from pushing/pulling kayaks into the lake for three hours however.  I'm still a bit sore today, but definitely on the road to recovery.  Now today is officially take a breather day and get ready for the fun to start again in a day or two.

As for my stitching, I guess I'm headed for my own little mini-version of a crazy May Challenge?!?!?  I just keep starting new projects.  I think I'm up to 9 new starts this month?  Not quite one a day, but darn close.  The good news is most of them …

Welcome Beautiful May Days!

One of my fellow bloggers, The Sampler Girl, posted this quote on her blog recently and I just had to repost:

May is a time to forget the demands of housework and go out to experience the delight of apple blossoms. ... it occurs to me now that it is a good thing for any parents to stop now and then and wonder what memories they are giving their children. We all try hard to leave real property, but memories are property of the heart.
- Gladys Taber.

This just perfectly sums up how I feel when spring arrives here in Massachusetts.  I came home yesterday to see my children outside in the sun jumping on the trampoline while the dog ran in circles barking underneath.  It's a scene that brings me unbelievable peace and joy and I wish I could bottle it up and keep the feeling when the stress of life/work/you name it comes around.

At any rate, welcome beautiful May - I'm so glad you're back!

I do have a few stitching updates to share.  Finally a few finishes!

April Flip-It - Lizzie…