Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Progress

Well, I think I'm looking pretty good for my January finishes.  I've got several targeted to wrap up this month - Cherries (Eva Rosenstand), Drosselmayer (Mill Hill), Ballet Silhouette #2 (Lanarte), Through the Woods (Mill Hill), Field of Sunflowers (Permin) and Trio of Penguins (Lanarte).  I'm doing better with my photo log as well so I've got pictures of the updates too this time.  Yay!

                                                    Field of Sunflowers (Permin)

This is the third in the series that I started last year.  I'm finally going to be ready to have all 3 framed for my living room. Can't wait to post a picture of them on the wall!

                                                    Through the Woods (Mill Hill)

The first larger perforated paper project I've done.  This one has a lot of beadwork and I'm going to be glad to finish with the the last color in the next day or so and get this ready for my winter decor collection.

                                                    Trio of Penguins (Lanarte)

So, there were a couple of false starts on this one.  Had to get used to all half stitches over one on 27 ct evenweave.  I was surprised how after a while my eyes truly did adjust to counting those tiny squares.

                                                    Cherries (Eva Rosenstand)

This is the first of four in the series for my kitchen.  This is also my "take a break" project this month.  The large stitches since it's over 2 make this one super easy to work on late in the evening.

                                                     Drosselmayer (Mill Hill)

So far so good!  Ornament #2 for my Nutcracker series - I should have these all finished in the next couple of months - just the Mouse King, Prince and Nutcracker left.

                                                    Ballet Silhouette #2 (Lanarte)

Another over 1 on 27 ct (very soft) evenweave.  I love the monochromatic stitching for a change - so nice to not have to switch threads.

Also, got a couple of new starts this week - Field of Sunflowers by Anchor (a beginner kit I know) but a chance to show my daughter the larger stitches - maybe I can get her started?  Also, I Didn't Do It by Dimensions.  My boys love the adorable puppy on that one.  Although he doesn't look like our Toby he certainly must behave like him.

That's all for now folks.  I'll be sure to post by the end of the month with the final update on the finishes!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January TUSAL Part 2

As promised, I've (finally) managed to get the picture of my jar for the TUSAL this year.  It's a bit late posting, but the picture was taken at the right time.  These are the remains from Clara, Through the Woods, the first of the Three Shops and the start of Cherries.  Looks like the jar will fill this year.

I find myself with way too much thread left over from the kits in my stash and end up adding those to the jar as well.  What does everyone else do with all the leftover thread?  It never seems useful to sort and add it to my thread stash.  Perhaps I'm just being lazy.

Also, on the good news front, I've got some progress to show on this year's WIPs.  First, drum roll please, the very first 2013 finish!

Mill Hill's Clara Ornament.  I'm working through the entire set of Nutcracker ornaments for the tree this year.  Next up is Drosselmeyer.

As you can see he's well underway.  Most of the stitching is complete. Now for the beading.  That always takes me longer than the stitching.  Still shooting for January on this one though.  Next month hopefully we add the Mouse King to the pile of completed ornaments.

Just to keep things exciting, I think I'll save some of the other updates for tomorrow!  Until then...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TUSAL & Updates

Well, I'm going to try yet another commitment for this year.  I'm going to attempt to keep up with the posts for Daffycat's TUSAL this year.   I'm sure the challenge will be taking the pictures and getting them onto my computer for upload in a reasonable period of time.  That always seems to be what holds me up.  I've missed the official date for January but check back soon as I promise to have a picture of the ort jar up shortly.

On the stitching projects some good progress to report.  As soon as I figure out how to get photos up on the site I'll add those.  I've finished my first piece of the year - yay!  Mill Hill's Clara ornament.  I'm going to work through the entire set this year.  My goal is to have a stitched ornament tree in the dining room this year at Christmas.  We'll see if I can make that happen.  So far, the tree will have a whopping 2 ornaments, but hey, better than 2012!

I'm also well into several of my WIPs for the year - Mill Hill's Through the Woods is nearly finished and Eva Rosenstand's Cherries is coming along beautifully.  I can't wait to see the four fruits together.  I'm kind of nervous about the expense of framing these projects - that may need to wait a bit.

Since we're looking at a very, very cold end of this weekend and start to next week, I expect to be hibernating and stitching away on the WIPs.  I'm going to reach my target of 5 finishes this January I'm sure of it!

That's it for now - pictures arriving shortly!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Welcome! One of my New Year's resolutions this year is to do a better job of logging all my crafty activities.  I've been reading blogs from my fellow crafters (in particular stitchers) and it's been so great to see the projects everyone is working on and getting excited about.  I've got a ridiculous stash that desperately needs some work so I'll be sharing my progress throughout the year right here.

While I'm mostly targeting my cross-stitch projects this year, I'm also going to be looking at some of the other sewing and stitching projects I've accumulated and try to get through some of those, so don't be surprised if you see a random post about a quilt or a costume or a set of curtains I've made.  There's just so much sewing and crafting to do and so very little time.

Here's hoping for a great year with some real progress on these projects!  Thanks for reading and stay tuned to see what's up next.