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First Finishes of February

I've got my first 4 finishes this month to share with you!  I made a real effort this weekend to just wrap up those small projects I was working on this month.  So far so good.

First up, Mill Hill Ice Skates.

I just love the bead laces on this - such a nice touch to the skates.

Next, also from Mill Hill, the Love Stitching ornament.

This one was a lot of fun.  It was nice to have the extra stitches on top of the base of cross stitch rather than a million beads for a change.  There are still a few in there - red and gold - but considerably fewer than some of the other Mill Hill kits.  The charm is just adorable too.  I did decide to use the beads for a hanger at the top as the finish instructions suggested.  I'm a bit worried about that string breaking and having 100 little beads rolling around, but I guess this one just needs a little extra care when out.

Next up, Lizzie Kate's Be Kind to Animals.

I only have a few of these Green Flip-Its since I intended to finish and fr…

Long Weekends!

I just love long weekends, especially when they lead right into school vacation week.   I must admit since I didn't grow up in New England, when I learned about the week off in February and then another week in April, I thought that was excessive.  However, I think now I'm coming around to appreciate at least the February break.  Even though it still feels like the holiday break just ended, this week is such a nice break from running around to swimming, girl scouts, skating, boy scouts, etc.  We never manage to get away on a real vacation, but just not having some place to be every single night is great.  I even managed to make some good progress on my February project over the weekend since I didn't need to worry about cooking, cleaning and prepping for another week of insane chaos.

Let's see, there must be quite a bit to report seeing as how I haven't posted for over a week! Yikes! My poor blog must be feeling quite neglected.  I promise to make it up to you.


February TUSAL

I think I'm pretty close to on time this month for the TUSAL photo post.  It's not a great picture - the lighting was terrible during the stormy weekend, but at least I managed to get a photo! Not much progress from last month - some dark threads in there - the remnants of the Ballet Silhouette during the second half of January and my starts on Frederick the Literate.  On many of my new projects I've been using the thread right down to the end so those bits are only accumulating slowly.  We'll see what March has to show since I've got several projects going right now that are very light threads.

As for my snowy weekend progress, well, I thought I would have more to show for the time inside.  Unfortunately, my target project - Mirabilia's Easter Fairy - was visited by the frogs this weekend.  So, what would have been a great update on progress has significantly less to show.  Sigh.... I've been reading some other folks comments on stitching by color versus s…

Preparing for the Blizzard

I hope all my stitchy friends in New England are able to stay home and watch the snow pile up for the next two days.  I know I've got my current projects all lined up and ready to stitch.  I'm hoping to make some good progress this weekend thanks to the 2+ feet of snow they say we'll be getting.  Sadly this week has been a bit of a disappointment on the progress front.  I've been a bit distracted by some issues at work and the need to do a bit of straightening up around the house plus a little bit of reading.  Do any of you use Goodreads?  Is anyone else doing the 2013 reading challenge?  Last year I found myself reading a lot to escape from the stress of work so I set myself a challenge of 150 books this year.  So far, I think I'm doing pretty well despite less time in hotels, planes and airports where I tend to get quite a bit of reading done.

I'll post a bit more later as the storm progresses - maybe a few non-stitchy pictures to mix things up a bit and sho…

STNA Blog Hop #15

Hello Fellow Stitchy Friends!

I'm going to attempt to participate in the blog hop to try to get this blog up and running.  I'm new to this so bear with me while I attempt this.

Here's the prompt for this round:
Eventually there comes a time when you’re not feeling well, whether it’s the flu or a cold or something else entirely. The question is, do you manage any stitching when you’re under the weather or does it just have to wait for better days?

Most of the time when I'm under the weather I find myself doing more stitching!  This has to be because I finally have a little quiet time to sit and stitch when I have the excuse of not feeling well.  Otherwise I'm working, running the kids around, cleaning the house, cooking, too many things to even begin to talk about.  I try to make an effort to get a little stitching in every day even when I'm feeling fine, but some days I'm just so exhausted the last thing I can do is look at 32 ct linen! 

As a matter of fact, …

January Finishes!!!

Welcome February 1st!  It's official.  I finished my first month of 2013 with a successful round of finishes.  Everything that was targeted ended up in the completed pile.  So, without further ado, happy dances for....

                                         Field of Sunflowers (Permin)

                                            Through the Woods  (Mill Hill)

                                         Trio of Penguins (Lanarte)

                                                   Cherries (Eva Rosenstand)

                                                   Herr Drosselmayer (Mill Hill)

                                                    Ballet Silhouette #2 (Vervaco)

And, now it's on to the next month of projects.  It's so exciting to have some new starts looming.  Let's see, what's on tap for this month?   Well, I'll be starting Mirabilia's Easter Fairy.   I'm hoping to do all the holiday fairies this year in time to have them on the wall for the holiday …