Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Some Summer Finishes

Hello Everyone!

Ahhh summer.  So many distractions, so little time.  I am still stitching away here in toasty warm Massachusetts, but I've sadly been neglecting all my followers and not updating you on the progress.  What can I say?  Is a picture worth 1000 words?

Sorry to say the computer just doesn't make it down to the beach or the pool - sand, water, electronics - bad combination.  But, now that I'm back at my desk I can diligently share with you all the wonderful progress I'm making on my never-ending list of projects.

Mill Hill Dragonfly

Such a summery little guy.  Although a close up would be better you can kind of get an idea of the excellent teal and lime green colors on this one.

Lizzie Kate Green Flip-It Save Water

The third one I've finished in the series - I should have bought all 6 patterns!  I think this one goes in the kids bathroom.  Every little reminder I can get in before they jump in the shower for 30 minutes is worth a try.

Lanarte Quartet of Penguins

If you've been following my other posts, first there were 2, then 3, now 4 little penguins.  A little And Then There Were None in reverse.  I'm not really sure if there was a single penguin in the series, but if so, it's one of the few patterns produced that's not sitting in my stash.  So, I'm officially finished posting pictures of penguins - that is until I manage to kit up the Cross-Stitch Christmas Skating Penguins pattern.

Lizzie Kate Summer-Licious Boxer

This was a quick start and finish in just a couple days.  Just love the sun with shades up there and the little bees with their button wings.  Very cute little kit.

Now for some new starts to share with you.

Lizzie Kate 4th of July Flip-It

My daughter's selection for a new start this month.

Little House Needleworks Music & Books

My pick for a new start this month.

I'm enjoying most of what I have in progress at the moment so hopefully I can keep the stitching mojo going and share some more with you soon.  Maybe even share some of the progress on the larger projects in the works.

Until then I'm off to enjoy these long summer days!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Update

Hello Friends,

I haven't disappeared permanently, just on a brief hiatus due to start of summer activities.  I must admit my stitching has taken a big hit with visitors, travel and time outdoors, but I think those are all important items as well.  We entertained my father visiting from Las Vegas with a few of his grandchildren as well as my sister and my adorable nephew for a few days.

It was so awfully hot while they were here so most of the time was spent out at the pool, but there was a quick trip into Boston to check that off the list and fortunately an early morning allowed us to get out and do some late-season strawberry picking!

Then, quickly headed into the final figure skating competition of the season for my daughter, sailing camp for the boys and a whirlwind Fourth of July week of vacation.  We had a wonderful time visiting some friends at the Cape and returned home a bit too crispy for my taste so a few days indoors was required.  Fortunately that did allow me a couple of hours of stitching so I was able to get back to some of those WIPs. The first project I picked up was The Swimming Hole.

You can just start to see the little mouse taking shape here.  This is stitched on 28 ct Antique White Linen, although it looks a bit more natural here.  The design just perfectly captures summer.

Also, made a little progress on Moose Lodge (Designs by Lisa).

I'm back to work this week and camps are all settling in for the kids so I'm going to try to be more consistent with my updates and my stitching!  I hope you all are enjoying your summer as well.