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Marching By....

Yes, March is moving along quite nicely - already the 20th! And, I'm sad to say I'm a bit sore from shoveling 7 inches of snow out of the driveway just yesterday. But, I have faith, spring begins today and the snow is going to be finished for the year. At least one can hope.

And, as March continues "March-ing" by my stitching progress continues as well. I'm happy to say I did manage to recover from my early month slump and have made some progress on my projects for the month. No finishes yet, but I know I'm getting very close on several items. I think I'll build the suspense and not post the progress pictures on the nearly finished items just yet.

Also, I've been on a bit of a stash building craze. Just insane I know because I already have more projects sitting in the not-started pile than I could ever possibly finish, but I see some of the new patterns coming out and just have to have them. I also made a trip to my local needlework shop just t…

Update & My Stitchy Ramblings 100-Follower Giveaway

It seems like ages since I've posted.  My stitch progress has truly been awful lately.  Just so many things going on.  My daughter skated in her first competition last weekend and came in 1st! YAY!  I just love watching her have fun with the sport.  And my dear sons have been busy as well - St. Patrick's Day parade marching, chorus concerts, camping trips.  It's never dull in our house.

So, all this is to say, I do have an excuse (albeit not a great one) for my lack of progress.  I did manage to get started on a couple of projects this month at least.

LHN Fresh Watermelon.

I love the colors on this and can't wait to get it up in the kitchen for summer.  Hopefully I'll be finished by the end of the month and I can take some time to frame it appropriately.

Lizzie Kate March Flip-It

This one is so quick I know this can get done.  And, I have a couple of charts kitted up and ready to go in honor of St. Patrick's Day this weekend.  Whether they are finished this mo…

New Month...New Motivation

Month...motivation...March.  I'm disappointed at my lack of progress in February.  The last couple of weeks ended up filled by the other things going on in my life.  Work seems to have picked up the pace a bit so that's a bit more demanding and to top it off this week we're fighting some colds in the house as well.  Of course, I could console myself with the fact that February was a few days shorter than January so that's why I didn't quite wrap up as many projects as I thought I would, but realistically I don't see them being finished this weekend either.

So, I'm opting for Plan B.  A fresh start for a brand new month.  And a positive outlook on the projects that I did manage to finish last month.  I already shared the earlier 4 but I do have one to add to the pile of completed works.

                                             Eva Rosenstand - Peach

I did make a bit more progress on Mirabilia's Easter Fairy and the Permin Tea Room, but I think I'…