2013 (Rather Long List of) WIPs

2013 WIPs

Clara Ornament (Mill Hill)
Drosselmayer (Mill Hill)
Through the Woods (Mill Hill)
Frederick the Literate (Dimensions)
Trio of Penguins (Lanarte)
Three Shops (Permin)
Field of Sunflowers (Permin)
Cherries (Eva Rosenstand)
Jam Pots (Thea Gouverneur)
Cuisine de Famille (Madame La Fee)
Watembea Nyumbani (Anchor)
Sunflower Field (Anchor)
Easter Fairy (Mirabilia)
Ballerina Silhouette #2 (Vervaco)
Peach (Eva Rosenstand)
Opera House (Mill Hill)
Ballet Silhouette #4 (Vervaco)
Mouse King (Mill Hill)
Ice Skates (Mill Hill)
Green Flip-It Be Kind to Animals (Lizzie Kate)
Fresh Watermelon (Little House Needleworks)
Flip-It February (Lizzie Kate)
Flip-It March (Lizzie Kate)
St. Patrick Bird (Heart in Hand Wee one)
Luck (Shepherd's Bush)
Two Penguins (Lanarte)
Plum (Eva Rosenstand)
Green Flip-It Eat Locally (Lizzie Kate)
Tomato (Thea Gouverneur)
Quince (Eva Rosenstand)
Small Beach House (Vervaco)
Flip-It April (Lizzie Kate)
Promise Me (Lizzie Kate)
Moose Lodge (Designs by Lisa)
Welcome Guests (Three Needles)
Flip-It May (Lizzie Kate)
Stitch an Inch Summer Pack #1 (By the Bay Needleart)
Salle de Bains (Jeannette Crews Designs)
Flip Flop Frenzy (Dimensions)
Music & Books (Little House Needleworks)
The Swimming Hole (Oehlenschlager Designs)
Funky Shoes (Anchor)
Prince (Mill Hill Nutcracker Series)
Nutcracker (Mill Hill Nutcracker Series)
Red Boat (Laura Doyle Designs)
Love Notes Ornament (Mill Hill)
Quartet of Penguins (Lanarte)
Parade of Wild Animals (Lanarte)
Honey Pot (Mill Hill)
Cupcake Fairy (Mill Hill)
Flip-It June (Lizzie Kate)
Moroccan Monkey (Lanarte)
Blue Owl on Branch (Cherry Hill Stitchery)
Just Dance (Designs by Lisa)
Stars & Stripes Forever (Bent Creek)
Laundry Wahine Style (Silver Needle)

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