Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long Weekends!

I just love long weekends, especially when they lead right into school vacation week.   I must admit since I didn't grow up in New England, when I learned about the week off in February and then another week in April, I thought that was excessive.  However, I think now I'm coming around to appreciate at least the February break.  Even though it still feels like the holiday break just ended, this week is such a nice break from running around to swimming, girl scouts, skating, boy scouts, etc.  We never manage to get away on a real vacation, but just not having some place to be every single night is great.  I even managed to make some good progress on my February project over the weekend since I didn't need to worry about cooking, cleaning and prepping for another week of insane chaos.

Let's see, there must be quite a bit to report seeing as how I haven't posted for over a week! Yikes! My poor blog must be feeling quite neglected.  I promise to make it up to you.

I'm quite pleased with the progress on Mirabilia's Easter Fairy.  Although this picture leaves her looking quite sad with no head and only the beginning of one leg, it's much further along than last week and I'm feeling quite confident that this can be finished this month.

And in honor of the month of February, here's my first "heart" project, well on its way to completion.  This is another of the Mill Hill bead/stitch kits - Love Stitching.  I thought this was an appropriate project for this time of year.

This is such a quick stitch on the background and beading.  But this is the first Mill Hill kit I've come across that has a ton of specialty stitches on top of the cross stitches - Smyrna crosses, long stitch, back stitch - there may be others.  I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product.  It's got the cutest little scissor charm to hang off the bottom of the heart.

Now, to memorialize my progress on the Permin Three Shops (Tea Shop), let me just show you where I left things yesterday.  This one is a month and a half in and I really, really hope I can finish this month.  The pattern has two other shops - a baby shop and a flower shop and I would love to get them framed for my library later this year.

It's such an easy pattern to stitch and it's on Aida so I really thought I'd be finishing this faster, but I guess it's just a lot of stitches.  I was reading another blog the other day talking about the average number of stitches per hour and how many hours go into a large project.  So, looking at this one, it has about 21K stitches.  If I can manage about 150 stitches per hour that means it will take a mere 140 hours to finish just this first shop.  As I told my kids, this one should really be an heirloom.  After all if I was making $8/hour to finish just this piece, it would be worth over $1,000!  They weren't impressed....ahhh well.  Glad I'm finding some joy in my accomplishments at least.

I hope that's enough of an update to entertain you for a bit.  Since I'm nearing the end of the month and (did I mention) it's school vacation week and I have some time, I will get some more updates here in the next few days.  There are 11 projects in the works currently after all - I'm sure I can find some to share with you.

Until next time, happy stitching!

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