Friday, February 1, 2013

January Finishes!!!

Welcome February 1st!  It's official.  I finished my first month of 2013 with a successful round of finishes.  Everything that was targeted ended up in the completed pile.  So, without further ado, happy dances for....

                                         Field of Sunflowers (Permin)

                                            Through the Woods  (Mill Hill)

                                         Trio of Penguins (Lanarte)

                                                   Cherries (Eva Rosenstand)

                                                   Herr Drosselmayer (Mill Hill)

                                                    Ballet Silhouette #2 (Vervaco)

And, now it's on to the next month of projects.  It's so exciting to have some new starts looming.  Let's see, what's on tap for this month?   Well, I'll be starting Mirabilia's Easter Fairy.   I'm hoping to do all the holiday fairies this year in time to have them on the wall for the holiday season.  I'm also hoping to make some progress on the Three Shops from Permin.  The Tea Shop is well under way and I'd love to have that finished this month.  And at least get the Baby Shop started.

Some of the other starts that are planned include Mill Hill's Mouse King ornament, Mill Hill Ice Skates, Mill Hill Opera House, Eva Rosenstand's Peach and Thea Gouverneur's Jam Pots.   Definitely an aggressive plan, but I think I can make some good progress on these.

Till next time...

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