Monday, February 11, 2013

February TUSAL

I think I'm pretty close to on time this month for the TUSAL photo post.  It's not a great picture - the lighting was terrible during the stormy weekend, but at least I managed to get a photo! Not much progress from last month - some dark threads in there - the remnants of the Ballet Silhouette during the second half of January and my starts on Frederick the Literate.  On many of my new projects I've been using the thread right down to the end so those bits are only accumulating slowly.  We'll see what March has to show since I've got several projects going right now that are very light threads.

As for my snowy weekend progress, well, I thought I would have more to show for the time inside.  Unfortunately, my target project - Mirabilia's Easter Fairy - was visited by the frogs this weekend.  So, what would have been a great update on progress has significantly less to show.  Sigh.... I've been reading some other folks comments on stitching by color versus stitching blocks.  I just can't bring myself to stitch the blocks.  I have to work through an entire color strand.  This is what bit me on this project. I counted and recounted, but still got it wrong when I was completing the right side of the dress.  You would think this is a lesson learned for me, but nope. I was right back at it stitching by color again.  At any rate, here's where I'm at on this one for now.

It's one of my goals to finish this in February.  Before last night, I was confident that was no problem.  Now...I don't know.  I think I need to take a little break from this for a couple of days and return next week.  Here in Massachusetts next week is school vacation week for the kids so I'll be home with them for a few days.  Perhaps I can recover a bit to wrap this up then.  We'll see.

Also, a few other starts this weekend that I'm pretty excited about.

                                                    Eva Rosenstand's Peach

I love these patterns.  They are so easy to stitch and when I have the set of four fruits I know they're just going to look beautiful framed in my kitchen.

                                                    Lizzie Kate Green Flip-It Be Kind to Animals

Another super easy quick stitch.  I just love the floss used here.  Such great colors and you really can't be those hand-dyed flosses for texture in the project.  I only opted to stitch three of the patterns from this series, but now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have just done all of them.  Perhaps later this year when I finish the first three.

And, some good progress on the Ice Skates from Mill Hill for my daughter.

I should be done with all the stitching this week, then just the beadwork left.  Isabella (8) has high hopes of attaching this to her skate notebook as a decoration.  Although the kit comes with a magnet, I think that's a much better use of the finished project!

I hope my fellow stitchers in New England are staying warm and have power back to their houses.  We were fortunate not to have to deal with that issue, but it was still an awful lot of snow to move.  My girl scout troop bravely went out to hold their cookie booth sale yesterday despite the huge piles of snow!  Kudos girls for your great efforts!

For those of you who don't have the joy of snow in winter, here's a little taste of the piles in the parking lots around our town.

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