Monday, June 3, 2013

Wrapping Up May and Kicking Off June

Hello fellow stitchers! I hope you all had a great weekend.  It was toasty warm here in MA this past weekend.  Since I refuse to turn the A/C on in the house before July (it is New England after all), it was a whopping 90 degrees in our house on Saturday.  Quite warm. But, we are back to 70 degrees, overcast skies and some rain today.  In all seriousness, it was a great weekend to be outside sitting at the pool and the kids had a blast swimming this early in the season.  We were also busy with some other activities including my daughter's bridging ceremony for Girl Scouts up to Juniors.  I can't believe she'll be in 4th grade next year! Yikes!  All this is by way of explanation for the lateness of my May wrap-up post.  So I'm combining the wrap-up with a kick-off for June.

In stitching news, May was in fact the biggest month for finishes this year for me.  Eleven in total!  Yay!!!  So, for the year the record looks like:

January: 7
February: 5
March: 4
April: 3 (yep, the slacking shows here)
May: 11
June: 1 (so far)

I've still got the bug so I think it will be another good showing this month. At least, here on June 3rd I'm feeling optimistic.  So, what were the last two May finishes? And, what's up next?

I think I started this back in 2009 on an airplane to California.  It took forever for me to finally come back to it. But, I'm pleased to say it's finally done and hanging in the hall where the dog's crate is.

Cat at Window (Permin)

This was a spontaneous start very late in May that I just couldn't put down.  Must have been the cat theme I was going for as I finished the month....

And, I did manage to frame and hang one other piece...
It looks quite yellow here so I think a better picture is required, but I'm just thrilled with the frame and how it complements the stitching colors.

Now, for June's first finish.

Funky Shoes (Anchor)

Clearly, my picture-taking skills let me down again - sorry it's a bit blurry.  I can't say I'm a fan of the Anchor kits.  I have a few in my stash and that will be the end of them.  Although this one came out quite cute despite all the French knots, backstitch and glue on sequins.  It will look cute in my daughter's pink room - she's always been an aspiring Imelda Marcos.

I've got a few new starts so far this month as well.  It was great to clear out some of the in progress projects last month to allow me to tackle some new fun!

Can you guess what this is?  Moroccan Monkey (Lanarte)  I'm still looking for the elephant that's also in the series.  Perhaps someday I'll find it.

Flip-It June (Lizzie Kate)

Just Dance (Designs by Lisa)

Blue Owl on Branch (Cherry Hill Stitchery)

I think I'll try to mix it up a bit this month and show some of the progress on the other items sitting in the to be worked pile.  Stay tuned for more progress in June!


  1. What a great post. Congrats on the finishes and I love all your new starts.


  2. Excellent finishes!AriadnefromGreece!

  3. You've finished up some beautiful projects in May, and some great new starts

  4. Lovely finishes and some great wip's :)

  5. Great finishes! Well done, look forward to seeing the new starts come to life!