Monday, June 10, 2013

June at the 1/3rd Mark

So, June 10th has arrived.  I'm officially 1/3 of the way through the month and I think I've got a whopping one post so far. Not really living up to my plans to keep regular updates coming...hmmm.  Seems like a good goal to keep working on.  In that spirit, here's the progress for the month so far.  There are quite a few pictures here so be warned.

A few new finishes.

Honey Pot (Mill Hill)

What can I say?  It just feels like summer to me when I look at this design.  Love the little bee charm as well.  The only challenge was the crazy small gold beads with full cross stitches through them.  I had my doubts as to whether I would finish them - so frustrating sometimes when I can't get that second half of the stitch through the bead.

Flip-It June (Lizzie Kate)

Yep, another one.  So far that's February, March, April, May and June completed (I missed January so that's a 2014 project).

Laundry Wahine Style (Silver Needle)

This is the first Secret Needle Night project I've stitched from Silver Needle.  It was really fun to use the different threads for a change - some perle cotton and fyre werks metallic ribbon.  And that grass skirt - so cool.  They even included real Hawaiian shells and little "coconuts" for the trees.   Check it out.

Now I still need to finish-finish this one and I do need a bit more of that dark pink perle cotton for the bikini top, but I'm calling it a completion for the month until I find time to get it mounted.

Now for the in-progress updates.

My little blue owl is coming along nicely - just a bit more to do on him.

And Just Dance has gotten at least a little bit of attention.  Hoping to see some more progress on this one this week.

Moose Lodge (Designs by Lisa)

Here's another one that's in progress that I'm hoping will move along a bit this month.

That's all for now folks.  More to come this week!


  1. Love the Silver Needle piece, so funny!

  2. Congrats on all the great finishes. Nice progress on the other pieces.


  3. Well done on the finishes, they are lovely! Great work on the others, looking forward to seeing them finished too :)

  4. Great finishes!! Love the Wahine design - so cute :)

  5. Wonderful finishes !!!
    Grit from Germany

  6. Your stitching is all so pretty! The June flip-it is cute and the laundry pic is adorable!